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The Centers for Equity, Community, and Leadership are a collective of cultural, community, and resource centers at Stanford.

From the beginning of the first Center in 1969 to the last one in 2023, our Centers continue to set a foundation of flourishing, belonging, achievement, excellence, and activism for students at Stanford. We are spaces and places that educate about and confront challenging, nuanced issues, and create space for emotion and intellectual vitality to collide. We harness and develop that energy into (un)learning and empower students to seek solutions to some of the most urgent issues of our time.

Each of our students, in their multitude of identities, bring a wealth of knowledge, insight, culture, and personal experience that add to the tapestry of learning. This learning journey for all happens in the classroom, Center programs and events, late-night talks in the dorm, and debates with friends.

Collaboration and partnership are integral to the Centers’ collective work. We are part of a longstanding network of spaces and places that speak into the conscience of the institution. In carrying out our mission, we engage with colleagues, departments, and divisions to ensure that Stanford creates an environment where students can thrive.